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We're Re-opening!

We're reopening MombasaWorks on Monday 10 August to offer you a ‘third place’ to work during

these difficult times.

The incidence rates are rising rapidly here in Kenya. So although we have decided to re-open, we are still very conscious of the pandemic and have done our best to put in place all the measures we can to ensure you and our team are as safe. More on this below.

Keeping you and us safe:

  • Everyone coming into the building has their temperature checked and sanitizer applied

  • Once in the space, we have rearranged the space to ensure we are adequately physically-distanced by at least 5.5ft.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are available at our ‘reception’ desk – we ask that you use it when you come into the space

  • We will be disinfecting ‘high touch areas’ several times a day: door handles, water dispenser etc.

  • The space will be aired in the morning and evenings in line with recommendations on air hygiene. And we will be keeping windows open when it is cool enough to do so (mornings mainly)

  • Disinfectant sprays with disposable tissue will also available for you to disinfect your own workspaces should you feel the need to

What we ask of you:

  • Please do not enter the space if you might have been exposed to the virus; or if anyone you live with might have been exposed. This is because majority of cases are asymptomatic so we cannot rely purely on symptoms or someone ‘feeling unwell’. Suspected exposure is enough for us to stay home and keep others safe. 

  • Please bring a disposable water bottle or coffee mug with you to minimize any risks – clean mugs and glasses will still be available though!

  • If you plan to have visitors, please ensure you have booked the meeting room and we’ll ensure guests are shown straight there.

Thank you so much for your support. We hope to be able to support you and your businesses recover as swiftly as possible.

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