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New Partnership Announcement!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We're excited to announce our partnership with Ongoza Institute!

As a business enabler in Mombasa County, we are always looking for ways and partners to support us in our mission to enable entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses and SMEs in the Coast region.

We're delighted to partner with Ongoza, a business accelerator offering holistic support to businesses through its service offering of advisory, project implementation, training, fundraising and market linkages.

Through this partnership, Ongoza and MombasaWorks will offer technical assistance through providing Business Development Services to MombasaWorks network of early stage entrepreneurs, and make technical support more accessible to early stage business within the Mombasa region.

The following key pillars provide the basis for Ongoza x MombasaWorks' holistic support to entrepreneurs in the Coast region:

  1. Wezesha (training)

  2. Business Development Services (advisory)

  3. Marketplace - Connecting entrepreneurs to both local and international

  4. Fundraising

  5. Flexible workspaces

  6. Networks and Community

Ongoza’s current sector focus includes (but is not limited to) agri-business, agro-processing, textiles alongside retail & trade.

Ongoza have a wide network of funders and partners, and thanks to our partnership, entrepreneurs in MombasaWorks' network now have a unique opportunity to access investor-readiness support and funding to grow their business.

Please email and let us know how we can walk with you on your business growth journey.

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