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We're Hiring!

Many of you will know Jenipher - she's the first face you see, and the voice you hear. She was our first employee and has been at the heart of what we do here. We are saying goodbye to Jenipher who is moving onto a role more in line with her personal and professional objectives. And so we are happy for Jenipher and fully support her in this transition!

As such, we are hiring! It's a jack-of-trades kind of role, heavily focused on service and the customer experience. But requires someone who is very capable of managing time and balancing different roles. This is not a glamorous position for anyone who wants to sit at a desk all day. We are a slow and steady growing organisation which values curiosity, kindness, humility and diversity - in people, ideas, opinions and pretty much everything else. We love Mombasa. We want to see people and business flourish here. We believe Mombasa works.

If MombasaWorks and the position sound interesting to you, or someone you know, please have a look at the full job description below. The application deadline is 10 December 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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