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New + simplified plans and pricing! (June 2019)

We’ve revised our plans and pricing to make it easy for you to find a plan that works for you. AND we've lowered our full-time monthly plan!


  1. Lower monthly membership rates! Full-time will now cost you only 15,000/- and part-time 10,000/- (VAT exc.).

  2. Everyone on a monthly plan can come in on weekends and after hours! Entrepreneurship and independent work does not typically have standard working hours. And we wanted to allow for more flexible and balanced lifestyles. More on that in another post.

  3. Everyone gets biometric access. Whether you are on a 4-day package or a full month package, the space is yours to make a (work) home out of. So why not have a 'key'?

Look out for a blog post about the process we took to make these changes. And how to - or how not to - learn and iterate...quickly!

Members on the previous plans will not be affected!

Follow up post soon.

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