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M'asaSupu | Where everyone contributes

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Today - we launch M'asaSupu. In its most generic form, M'asasupu is a vehicle to bring about positive social impact in Mombasa. Our mission is to support local socio-economic development by mobilising more private resources towards social and public good in our local region. There are so many ways in which this happens and so many actors through which this can happen. Perhaps most powerful of all is through ordinary people like you and me.

(read more about our origin, our why and our values on our website)

M'asaSupu Nights

And so we present M'asaSupu night - M'asaSupu's first programme - a crowdfunding event where we gather over a meal to listen to, and provide no-strings-attached grants for ideas and projects improving the lives of people in Mombasa County. A delightful mashup of creative ideas, ambitious goals of doing good in our County, inspiring change and collective action, powered by the most powerful force of all – you and me.

a delightful mashup of creative ideas

M'asaSupu night is guided by the following principles:

  • Resources to support socio-economic development exist locally

  • Our local community - ordinary working young men and women - are committed to doing good (socially, economically, environmentally)

  • There is more accountability and better outcomes when social/development projects are funded locally

  • Ideas deserve a chance too!​

Get involved!

M'asaSupu is a safe space where ordinary people get to inspire and be inspired to collectively move the community forward. 

  • M'asaSupu night is for anyone interested in supporting local ideas, people and projects working to bring about social and economic development right here in Mombasa;

  • and for people who aspire to be/are change agents and want to share their journey, find collaborators, look for inspiration and have fun! 

We invite you to:

  1. Spread the word (

  2. Submit an idea/project you'd like to pitch

  3. Spread the word

  4. Attend the first ever M'asaSupu

  5. Spread the word

  6. Volunteer - food, space, time, ideas (more on this a little later)

  7. Spread...

Application are now open! All the details are on the website.

M'asaSupu night was inspired by the Global Soup movement which began in Detroit in 2010. We are grateful to the The Kijiji’s Nairobi Stew for sharing their experience with us, and we are excited to be part of spreading the global concept of 'soups' or 'supus' :) in Mombasa.

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