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Leading for Results Series: Workshop Series

We’re excited to be hosting a new learning series next month! Beginning 1st October 2019, Ida Grum - lead consultant of Mbele Consult - will be leading a monthly series of leadership workshops aimed at helping you to improve your leadership and management styles. If you have people you need to influence (think...your team, your boss, your investors, your partner, your kids); and goals you need to achieve (organising and prioritising applying all manner of creativity and innovation), then this workshop series is for you.

About the Series, and your facilitator Ida

The series is all about helping you to identify and focus on what matters. And equipping you with a broad range of critical skills you need to lead and manage with confidence. The beauty about this series is that it is relevant to almost everyone, because almost everyone irrespective of title, employment or marital status is either a leader or an aspiring leader.

Ida Grum is Mombasa-based and has a ton of experience working across a range of organisations and sectors, as well as with C-suite executives, their teams and solo-entrepreneurs starting out. As a certified coach, her passion is helping you define and achieve what you set out to do. See her full profile on the Mbele website.

Six (6) Monthly Session Topics

The series comprises of 6 monthly sessions, starting 1 October. A summary of the topics to be covered in the series is below. More detailed information on each session will be released before each workshop.

Session 1 - Leading and Managing for Results

A framework to help you strengthen your leadership and management skills

Session 2 - Facing Challenges and Solving Problems

What it takes to face challenges, overcome obstacles and achieve desired results

Session 3 - Expanding your Area of Influence

How to negotiate and gain commitment for your program and activities

Session 4 - Managing your Time and Activities more Effectively

How to plan, prioritise and delegate for more effective time management

Session 5 - Inspiring, Motivating and Supporting your Team

What it takes to inspire and support your team to produce results

Session 6 - Communicating more Effectively

How to engage and communicate for improved stakeholder alignment

Registration fee

The registration fee for each session KES 1,000/-. You can register for 3 sessions at a discounted rate of KES 2,850; or KES 5,400 for all 6 sessions.

Follow this link to find out more and register for the 1st session in the workshop TODAY!

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